22 Savile Row Theme

22 Savile Row is now available for Stencil and delivers everything the Blueprint theme did, but with extra features to make it even better!

Includes four base styles

Theme Summary

Same theme, made better

Our best-selling Blueprint theme, redesigned and redeveloped it to made it even better!

New Features

We added new exciting features as standard (see below) to make the theme convert even better.

Increased Performance

Looks better, and works faster to make sure your website is a pleasure to use.

Theme Editor Compatible

Gives you more control over the features used and how your website looks.

Theme Features

Configurable Navigation

Choose how visitors can navigate your site including sticky navigation, mega menu and now display content page links in the main menu. 

Sticky navigation displays a website menu that is locked into place so that it does not disappear when the user scrolls down the page, making it accessible from anywhere on the website without having to scroll. 

A mega menu replaces the standard category menu within your site and updates automatically when categories are changed through your control panel. 

Content pages can be added to the navigation menu too, instead of just appearing in the footer.

Featured Categories On Homepage

Show featured categories on the homepage to promote them to visitors. 

This helps those products to stand out and encourages visitors to click through.

Control Over Product Grid

Display products on category pages in a grid or a list with additional information displayed alongside each product.

2 Product Page Layouts

Choose the layout of your product page.

The product description can go alongside the product image, or move it underneath to focus attention on your product images.

Configurable Footer

Choose whether to display a simple footer, or if you have a lot of secondary pages, they can now be easily displayed in columns.

There’s also an option to display card payment providers icons in the footer.

Designed For Mobile Ecommerce

When redesigning this theme, we focused on improving conversions on mobile devices. So, whether your visitors see your site on a phone, tablet or desktop, they’ll get a beautiful, consistent experience.

Other Features

Image Hover Switcher
Colour Swatches on Product Grid
Custom Product Labels
Sale Discount Badge
Configurable Newsletter Popup
Grid/List View Switcher on Categories
Sticky Navigation
Mega Menu
Content Pages In Navigation
Wishlist Buttons on Product Grid
"Selling Fast" Tags
Lazy Loading Images
Configurable Columns on Homepage
Latest Blog Posts On Homepage
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You can purchase 22 Savile Row, including all 4 styles, through your BigCommerce Control Panel.

  • Huge performance increase
  • 4 Theme Variations
  • Compatible with Theme Editor
  • One Page Checkout Compatible
  • Unlimited Configurations
  • Compatible with BC Enterprise/Pro faceted search

Recent Updates

We regularly update and improve our themes, based on customer feedback. After you purchase 22 Savile Row through your BigCommerce Control Panel, you’ll receive update notifications whenever new features are available, which can be applied instantly.

[2.4.3] (December 12, 2018)


  • Fixed z-index issue with swatches overlaying sticky header on product pages.
  • Fixed bug caused by recent platform update to the cart object.
  • Fixed bug in simple menu which prevented submenus from closing when another was opened.
[2.4.2] (October 15, 2018)


  • Fixed issue with product swatch selection on some mobile devices.
[2.4.1] (September 26, 2018)


  • Fixed issue with product pick list option type offering the choice of “None” when set as required.
[2.4.0] (September 12, 2018)


  • Migrate from jQuery 2 -> 3.
[2.3.4] (August 22, 2018)


  • Adjusted gift certificate validation to allow custom formats.
[2.3.3] (July 7, 2018)


  • UPC on product page now updates when options change.
  • Quick search result container now applies the correct background colour.
[2.3.2] (June 26, 2018)


  • Blog post summaries on home page listings now render HTML correctly.
  • Search bar on 404 page now correctly wraps on smaller screens.
[2.3.1] (June 1, 2018)


  • Add Newsletter summary section to subscription form.
[2.3.0] (May 11, 2018)


  • Stopped “Products per Category” panel appearing on brands and search results pages
  • Bug that caused certain option sets to conflict
  • Bug in FireFox that prevented the search bar and social icons from being selected
  • THEME-1409: Product image overlapping detail panel on certain viewports
  • THEME-1492 & THEME-1430: Gift certificate and account links appearing in mobile menu when switched off in Settings


  • More extensive options for number of products per category/brand/search results page


  • Expose jQuery/$ to the window scope for third party scripts
  • Option to disable image zoom on product pages
  • Selecting an option swatch or rectangle on the product page now shows the selected name next to the label
    Options to control the mobile navigation colours
[2.2.5] (April 23, 2018)


  • Search page bug showing “no results” even when results were present
[2.2.4] (April 20, 2018)


  • Wishlist URL in utility navigation
  • Issue with Pinterest button on product page


  • Option to hide “View All” item that appears in mega menu dropdowns
[2.2.3] (April 11, 2018)


  • A bug was causing colour swatches on the category grid to show a zoomed version on hover


  • Version number meta tag for support requests
[2.2.2] (April 10, 2018)


  • Category product count module now operates correctly on stores without faceted search enabled


  • Adjusted “Designed by” text and link in the theme footer


  • Option in Theme Editor to specify the maximum site-wide container width
[2.2.1] (April 4, 2018)


  • Simplified navigation option
[2.2.0] (April 3, 2018)


  • Removed excess right margin on Google+ button on product page
  • Fixed blurred text issue inside modals for some versions of Chrome
  • Fixed a 1px movement flicker on the sticky menu when scrolling for some versions of Chrome
  • Fixed an issue on the product page that prevented users from scrolling the product page on mobile
  • Fixed invoice.css styles


  • Opacity adjusted on the homepage hero carousel
  • Arrow controls for homepage hero carousel automatically hide on small screens


  • Option for grid or list view on the category page
  • Support for Google AMP
[2.1.0] (December 6, 2017)


  • Rogue character at the bottom of the cart page removed
  • Apple Pay button was appearing in the quick cart on desktops
  • Fixed spacing issues with alternative payment buttons
  • Overflow issue in text logo on Boutique caused a scroll bar to appear when using the Pacifico font
  • Fixed float issue when 2 column grid is activated on some pages
  • Tweaks to category image generation when “Featured Categories” are enabled
  • Fixed alignment issue on form buttons
  • Fixed some color settings in the core SCSS
  • Centered thumbnails under product page image
  • Single thumbnail on product pages under the main image are now hidden, if there are no additional images to view
  • Centered text on product cards when “hover cards” are disabled
  • Tweaked checkout button language for better conversion optimization
  • Fixed a z-index issue in the header when social icons were enabled
  • Changed advanced footer column display to maintain a consistent layout when “shop by brand” is disabled
  • Adjusted spacing on homepage hero carousel


  • New theme variation “Contrast”
  • Banner background setting in the theme editor
  • Amazon Pay icon
2.0.10 (November 28, 2017)


– Fixed product grid issue that caused the gird to break when users place images with variable heights
– Fixed call to action button disappearing only on list view when hover cards were enabled
– Fixed height issue on ‘Sort By’ for FireFox
– Adjusted the way that ‘Sale % Saving’ tags are generated, using the non_sale_price_* variables

2.0.9 (November 3, 2017)


– Fixed a critical bug on optimized one page checkout when a user successfully purchases an item
– Fixed images not displaying on quick search and search page only when image hover switcher is enabled
– Added the option to change the hamburger menu color
– Corrected spacing on header items when positioning the logo to either left or right
– Fixed an issue when the recent blogs panel width is not the same size as the container only when one recent blog post is visible
– Fixed button hover issue only on category list view
– Fixed gridList functionality on search page
– Fixed swatch functionality on search page

2.0.8 (October 25, 2017)


– Fixed overflow issue when featured products is the panel enabled on home page

2.0.7 (October 24, 2017)


– Sale Badges are now standardized with other Badges
– GeoTrust badge should now appear in the footer if you have it set up
– Cleaned up options in the theme editor
– Fixed problems with header alignment on mobile devices
– Fixed duplicated images appearing on quick search


– Added an option to hide category thumbnails in the category listing page description
– Added an option to display inventory levels on the product card


– Removed the “New Product” badge, now you can control this with custom labels using the “GridTag” label in your custom product fields